Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Thank you, Shelby, for loving us!

Our beloved Shelby passed away last Monday on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Her life spanned 11..5 years from August 22, 1998 ~ January 18, 2010. We got her at six weeks of age, as a furry beige ball of cuteness. She stole our hearts immediately with her fun personality and love. On her first day with us, we took her to the beach and she pooped in the back of my car. On another day, she ate so much sand that she got too sick and we had to call Chris to get her doggie mom, Sierra, to nurse her again. I remember Russ giving Shelby an enema with our turkey baster to extract the sand pebbles.
Shelby was also a beach girl. She loved swimming, which Sierra taught her at Micro Beach, and she spent countless hours swimming after her frisbee or a rock. We also had a boat at the time and we had to restrain her from jumping into the water while we were moving. She also loved playing in the sand as she would flop her body to the ground, rub her back and get her whole body and face covered. Shelby was our "baby" and she knew she was a special member of our family. We cherish all the wonderful memories with her and look forward to seeing her again in heaven. I can picture her now, playing with Sierra and other friends she's known over the years.
On Christmas Day, she found some treats from Santa. These were the joint formula, which she really liked! On her last day, she didn't eat her regular food or even the canned cat food, but instead ate a half block of tofu. During her puppy years, we trained her with edamame and she loved them. Whenever I would cut open a block of tofu or have edamame, she would hang around, waiting for a bite.
She and Strider were buddies and they had many sleepovers while the Hawley's and Quinn's went on vacations during summer and winter. Strider now lives in Virginia so this is the last photo of the two of them together.
Santa Shelby made appearances during the Christmas season to entertain us and our friends. Halloween Shelby, Easter Shelby and Hula Shelby were also fun costumes and she never really minded too much when we dressed her. Shelby has attended all the parties we had in our homes in As Teo, DanDan and Papago. She's been to all the bible studies and Steps sessions and made friends with everyone.
It is known that a dog is man's best friend and how aptly true! It's not the same now when we come home and she's not here to greet us. I even slept in this morning because she wasn't there to wake me up at 6;30am with the shaking of her head or the nudge of her nose on the bed.
Yesterday was her burial date and we found some old photos of Shelby which we buried with her. The top photo is with Misaki and his first pet, Garbonzo, a cute hamster. The second photo is Shelby and me about 7 years ago.
In Dan Dan, the Cramer's were our neighbors and Shelby would regularly play with Misaki. They were less than a year apart. The bottom photo shows her at age 3 with an Elizabethan collar. We stuffed her medicine, towel, toy and collar in there as a fun photo. I can't remember why she had to wear it then. Maybe it was for a hot spot.
We would hamster set Garbonzo when the Cramer's were on vacation. Shelby and Garbonzo played together and we would find a wet Garbonzo after a few minutes with all of Shelby's kisses. The bottom photo shows Shelby surfing with Russ at Sugar Dock. Because she loved the beach, she even enjoyed riding the waves. She also loved taking walks, going on car rides and playing frisbee.
Shelby's grave is at our home underneath the banana trees, where she visited each day. We also included her favorite squeaky toy, her collar and frisbee along with the photos. We miss her terribly but we know that she had an amazing life full of fun, friends and joy.
Thank you, everyone, for all your love and kindness over the past week. We were showered with wonderful, heartfelt messages, flowers, cards and phone calls.
Shelby will always be remembered for her unrelenting love and friendliness. In all her years, she was a gentle dog and never hurt anyone. We are thankful that she waited until we returned from Japan to let us spend a week with her before she died. And, we are grateful that she passed quickly. She had her seizure at home around 4:30pm and by 5:20pm, she was gone. We also want to thank Dr. Tudor, Paulina and Ruriko for taking such good care of her as well Rob, Stephanie, Angie, Nikki, Yosh, Tyce and Pastor Greg for helping me out on that day.
We miss and love you, sweet Shelby!


Stephan Samoyloff said...

Quinn's, so sorry for your loss. Shelby was an awesome buddy!

Sean said...

Hugs to you and Russ. Shelby was truly a special dog and lucky to have you both, just as you were blessed to have her.