Sunday, January 17, 2010

Winter in Saipan

It's been raining here all week with some wind gusts so it really feels like winter. The temperature ranged from 73-77 degree during the day which is considered "cold" and it was a good day to get things done around the house: laundry, packing away Christmas plates and cooking. I even took a short nap before heading to work for my MOD shift.
Shelby is off and on. Sometimes she has a bit of energy and wants to go outside. Other times, she just sleeps and eats little. I wonder if her cancer has returned. In any case, I just hope that she recovers. Please pray for her!

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Anonymous said...

Kanae and Russ - My heart is with both of you and your fantastic Shelby. I have had to say good-bye on two occasions and I know how painful that is. We will pray for Shelby but just think what a miracle it has been that she did make a comeback so you have just a little more time to say goodbye. As she has always done - waited for you!! So amazing! She has probably touched many more lives then you will ever know including mine. June