Sunday, February 28, 2010

18th Annual Marianas Cup Beach V-Ball Festival

Following the Pro Exhibition Match on Friday evening at PIC, Russ and Jon surprisingly won the raffle to play with the Pros for this year's cup! The night before, Jon wasn't even sure he wanted to play but now, I'm sure he's pretty happy to team up with Paul, a three-time M Cup champion!

Russ 5'11", Paul 6'3", Jon 5'7", Andrew 6'10"
Andrew is new to the AVP circuit. Only 26 yrs old, he's got a lot of potential.
Russ said that it's much easier to play with a pro who can block and spike like a madman!
OK... yes, I do feel a bit short!
Today's matches are double elimination and the champions will be determined tonight.
Good luck all!


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the 5'7"!

Blaine said...

There is no happier face than Cramer's "I am playing with the pro."