Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Harley grows daily and it is distinguishable through her weight gain, reach and total length of her body. Last Thursday, she was about 34 inches long when all of her limbs were stretched out. This morning, she's 36 inches! Harley is crazy, fun and adorable at the same time. She's now 8 weeks old and we've had her for two weeks now.
She loves the yard and chews on just about anything from the plants, dirt, rocks, pandanas fruit, leaves, etc. She also loves asparagus and broccoli, too.
At her first Saipan vet appointment last Friday, she weighed 11.4 lbs and didn't seem to mind the vaccinations. It was kind of nice to get her home as she was sleepy and calmer.
We're still trying to housetrain her and she's improved quite a bit. She doesn't go in her crate much but still likes the carpet and tile inside. Her biggest obstruction is the stairs. She'll jump off a 4 foot table, but won't climb down 6 inch stairs. We're still working on it.
She loves chasing things and it's fun to watch her do her "figure 8's" around the plants and flowers in our garden. She acts like the Tasmanian devil, running around and loving it!


Sean said...

Aw, do you think she'll like Elijah? Let's get together sometime while we're there. We arrive in about a week!

Russ and Kanae said...

see you soon! She'll love Elijah!