Saturday, March 6, 2010

Welcome Harley!

Harley and her siblings, Kina and Rooney, arrived from Guam via Rota yesterday around noon. They were born Jan 22~23 among a litter of ten puppies. We were so relieved to find them at the Freedom Air Cargo resting peacefully in their crate.

Harley is the front left, Kina is to her right and Rooney (boy) is napping in the back. It's nice that all three puppies were able to travel together in one big crate. Thank you to the Cramer's and Paul Baron for providing the crate and to Faye for taking such good care of the puppies for us!
Russ has always wanted a Harley Davidson, so now he finally gets his Harley. She is about 7.5 lbs and the youngest of the litter, however, she's the heaviest girl. We can call her "Debu" as her nickname, which means "fatty" in cute Japanese way.
From the airport, I came home, gave her a bath and played with her in the yard for a bit. She definitely likes to chew!
While cooking dinner, she fell asleep on the kitchen floor. She likes to stretch out!
Harley & her new Dad!
She's a cutie and we're happy to welcome another furry family member.
Harley likes to chew on shoes, toes and her squeaky rooster.
This morning, she played with her ball and chased it around until she got bored.
She looked up at the side of the fridge to see the magnet, "I love My Pet". Can she read already?


Sean said...

She's a cutie!

Todd & Georgia said...

Puppy Pictures! I have been waiting for these. She is a real cutie. Todd & Georgia