Saturday, April 10, 2010

The babes in our lives

This last week, we were graced with a visit from the Maycock's, who had moved back to the states last year. They came over for dinner and we just spent the time catching up and chasing after Elijah & Harley, our babies. It was wonderful to see you guys!
Russ & Sean were able to relate to the similarities of a toddler and a 11 week old puppy.
They can be wild but at the same time adorable and loving.
Last night, we were invited to come to Godfather's Bar by the Montgomery's! We learned that it was a party to celebrate their impending parenthood! Congratulations, Todd & Shimiko!
We look forward to welcoming your new family member in December!
This morning was Brittany's baby shower. She and Mark have been referring to their baby as 'lil coconut so we all had a chance to decorate coconuts!
Brittany's creations: her coconut & beautiful quiltwork for "Hannah" Elizabeth Sawyer. I guessed the name "Hannah" and her due date as 5/15/10, weight 7 lb 9 oz, 19" long.
Brittany has 14 coconuts. Is this a prelude to their family size?
Congratulations, Brittany! We pray for a safe and quick delivery!

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