Saturday, April 3, 2010

Busy Holy Week

We started out Holy Week by attending Bible Study at the Sawyer's home on Monday where we watched the DVD, Les Miserables. It's an excellent film with incredibly rich characters who are transformed by the acts of grace and forgiveness. We will finish watching it this Monday.

On Tuesday night, we had a wonderful celebration for our Marriage Encounter Steps Group. We just finished Step 10 and had an amazing feast!
The 13 of us have become quite close over the last few months and we're excited to begin Steeper Steps tonight with the Kosack's!
Harley is growing so quickly and she had a fun week spending time with the Goodwin's during their spring break. When she's finally housebroken, she will be much more fun!
On Wednesday evening, we had a Gold's meeting and on Thursday, date night at home. I made chicken breast rolled with asparagus spears and cilantro pesto sauce accompanied by a fresh spinach salad with tomato & avocado. Yum!
On Good Friday evening, we hosted a Gnocchi and Wii night! The food was fantastic and the company great! Thank you to all who brought food & drinks over for a fun evening.
Peter & Fran brought the amazing "pasta sauce w/ meatballs" while Bruce, Linda, Nikki and Arielle handcrafted the gnocchi from scratch. It was another amazing feast!
Chris loves Goldens and Harley just melted in his arms as he scratched her belly.
Yosh is learning how to play wii golf. Dale brought over his Shaun White snowboarding wii and that seemed to entertain everyone.
Happy Easter, everyone!

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