Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Flametree, Beach, Bike Race

This past weekend was the Annual Flametree Arts Festival at the Susupe Beach Park. Booths filled with arts & crafts, food, plants and jewelry aligned as the large stage highlighted the event with various types of entertainment. I stopped by on Saturday afternoon and watched the little ones perform the Hula.
The adult performers were there with colorful mwar mwars,leis and skirts custom made from banana leaves/
On Saturday afternoon, we took Harley down to Micro Beach to play with Emma. They're good pals and love to play in the sand and water.
Following two games of side-out volleyball, Tyce, Bruce, Chris and Russ accompanied their canine companions in the water for another gorgeous Saipan sunset.

The sky turned bright orange!
and then the sky lit up in hues of pink and lavender.
On Sunday morning, we woke up early to prepare for Mieko's mountain bike race. Here, Russ is claiming Matthew's bike as his own.
There was a kids' course, adult short course and an adult long course. Russ had a bad fall near the beginning of the race while he was in a riding line. The person in front of him put on the brakes and their tires hit causing Russ to crash onto his right side. Aside from a badly bruised hip with road rash and some other minor scrapes, Russ was OK.
With a turnout of 67 riders, Mieko had a great fundraiser for her upcoming trip to Palau for the Micro Games. She is leading the CNMI's team of triathletes to the games.
Congratulations, Butch for placing first and to everyone else who went out and had fun!

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