Thursday, April 29, 2010

Harley & Kina

The last time Harley & Kina were together was on their flight from Guam to Saipan, via Rota on March 5th at the age of 6 weeks. Now, 7.5 weeks later, we reunited the two for a playdate yesterday.
Kina is the darker one of the left and Harley is the blonde. Although Harley was born #10 out of 10 pups, she is bigger than Kina who was born fifth.
It wasn't long before they started playing and wrestling. They seemed to remember each other and enjoy their playtime. Thank you to Dan & Mayumi san for allowing us to visit!
It was difficult to catch them being still, but Dan caught one cute photo of them together.
They're both adorable and it's nice to know that they have siblings on island.

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