Wednesday, April 21, 2010

This Week...

On Sunday, we went out to the northern end of the island to hike the Autobahn trail. It's the trail which leads from the end of Kimikaze across the street to the Bird Island Road sign trail, which is actually the incorrect entry to the Bird Island area. In the evening, Rex, Russ and I rode our mountain bikes from Marianas Trekking up FEBC, down Kimikaze and Autobahn, through the High Times Road to Cow Town, Banzai and back. It was my first ride in many months and I was happy to finish without any crashes!
Harley went in for her puppy plan check up on Monday. She grew from 11.4 lbs on 3/19 to 22.2 lbs on 4/19. She is going to be a big girl - probably in the 70-75lb range when she's full frown. She seems to like the vet office more than the car ride. Just like Russ, she get motion sick and when we drove to Bird Island on Sunday, she vomited in the car.
Most dogs love car rides, but not Harley!
On Monday evening, John organized a Surprise Birthday party for his wife, Divina. The group parked their cars down the street and Divina was certainly surprised when she walked inside to see all of us. Russ and I actually told John & Divina that bible study was cancelled that evening. And then suddenly, the horns blew and everyone screamed, "Surprise!" That evening, we had two guests from Missouri, who work with the General Baptists World Missions Program. They were visiting Saipan on their way to Hong Kong.
Mark & Russ looking festive with their party hats. We're now studying "Crazy Love" by Francis Chan. See So far, it's been great and we've all enjoyed Francis' insights into developing an amazing relationship with our creator.
Happy Birthday, Divina!
Harley enjoyed the party, too. She looks pretty cute in the party hat!

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Faye said...

Tilly used to get car sick too, but she got over it after a little while. I'm sure Harley will get used to car rides soon enough :)