Monday, May 3, 2010

Farewell and Hello

Last week, our Sales & Marketing team had to say farewell to Song, our Korean intern who has been working in our department for 15 months. She did an excellent job and we are sad to see her go but wish her the greatest success in her future endeavors. Song, please keep in touch and come visit us sometime.
Last week, we took a new approach to training Harley with the help of Cesar Millan's dog behavioral online classes. The famous Dog Whisperer sure knows his stuff and the biggest change was us, not Harley. We had to be more strict and be the "alpha" at all times, at the same time displaying calm, assertive energy. We took Harley for a walk on the Banzai trail and it was great because it tired her out. Cesar says that all dogs need exercise (50%), discipline (25%) and affection (25%) in that order.
In just a couple of days, Harley has learned that she must sit for anything she receives,whether it's food, toy, water or affection. It works!! She's one happy camper (except for the car rides).
Hatley Elizabeth Sawyer was born on April 30th and she is adorable. At 5lbs 6 oz and 18" long, she was 2 weeks early and a little small, but she's doing very well. It's amazing to hold a newborn baby as they seem so delicate.
Congratulations, Mark & Brittany on your newest addition! We pray for health, happiness, wisdom and some sleep!

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