Saturday, May 22, 2010

Happy Anniversary & Happy Graduation!

On Friday evening, we drove 5 minutes to the Lao Lao Bay Golf Resort to check in to their new Ocean Bay condominiums. They have approximately 50 new rooms and suites available with fantastic views! We had room 511 and saw this amazing view, overlooking the bay, golf course and pool.
The rooms are spacious and have vibrant accent walls and nice warm decor.
18 years ago, we were married by Mayor Jesus Deleon Guerrero. Today, we are so happy to celebrate each day we have together.
Yesterday morning, we had a nice breakfast at the Clubhouse.
Although we hadn't golfed since last October, we had lots of fun! Our scores weren't great, but we enjoyed the scenery and the company. We are blessed to be able to golf at such a spectacular course like Lao Lao East.
In the evening, we attended Miguel Brostrom's high school graduation.
His class of 12 students were honored at the ceremony. We are proud to also know Annie, Sarah and Cooper, all moving onto college this summer.
The wonderful Brostrom family.
Russ and Miguel, his oldest Godson. We wish you all the best!
Afterwards, we enjoyd a nice celebratory dinner at the Fiesta with the Brostrom's, Johnson's, Camacho's, Yoshimoto's and Graf's.

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Sean said...

Wow, I can't believe Cooper's graduated from high school! Time flies.

Miguel is what I imagine Elijah might look like when he's older.