Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Moroccan Gourmet Dinner

On Sunday evening, we were invited to the Lemieux's for the Moroccan Gourmet Dinner. As always, Lynn had prepared everything so beautifully that we thought we walked into a true Moroccan restaurant. She personally handcrafted the individual menus like the one below:
Thank you, Lynn & Steve for your gracious hospitality and for opening up your gorgeous home to us. We love the gourmet nights!
Tim Bellas dressed up in his authentic caftan. Who knew?
The stuffed dates were delicious as starters along with the Moroccan cocktails.
Most impressive was the handmade dried fruit tree, so elegantly decorated to showcase their entrance.
The tables were so intricately decorated with rich brocade fabric, candles and colored wine glasses.
The elephants adorned the bar and exuded an exotic flair.
True Moroccan coffee and mint tea. Absolutely delicious!
Lynn prepping the bstilla.
A gorgeous table! Wow!
We didn't feel like we were in Saipan. It felt like we were in a 5 star restaurant somewhere in a big city with wonderful food!
The Lemieux's entryway....
Chicken Bstilla made by Deborah... so flaky and savory!
Jim's spicy soup and flatbread. Yummy!
My roasted zucchini, apple, orange salad with lemon, honey, mint dressing.
Lamb tagine over couscous made by Cheryl, Rhoda and Lynn.
We enjoyed a wonderful dinner with Deborah and Brad.
Moroccan coffee, mint tea and Mhanncha dessert. It was so delicious!
What another amazing gourmet dinner event! Thank you to everyone who prepared the dishes and especially to Lynn & Steve for hosting the evening.


Blaine said...

No surprise you ended up at the kids table considering your husband.

Sean said...

What amazes me as how your gourmet group manages to find all those exotic ingredients on Saipan when they need them!

I've had times when I've wanted to make something as simple as lasagna and couldn't find ricotta cheese anywhere on the island!