Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Visitors from Tokyo

Gardner was a Clubmate at PIC Saipan back in 1995-96 so we've known him for the past 15 years. He's been living the last dozen years in Japan and started his own bilingual adventure sports magazine, "Outdoor Japan" years ago. He and his girlfriend, Natsuko san came for a visit last Friday. On early Saturday morning, we had them running the 5km in the PIC Siheky Adventure Trail Run.
Russ, Tyce, Mieko and Yosh biked for an hour and a half before they did the 10km run as part of their adventure race training. Afterwards, they biked for another 3 or 4 hours.
On Saturday afternoon, we headed over to Managaha to swim, snorkel and relax.
Thanks, Chris & Emma for an amazing afternoon!
Oh, and we also got Harley to paddleboard. She fell off a couple of times but she enjoyed it overall. She' become a very good swimmer lately.
Russ & Harley paddleboarding at sunset... ah, the island life!
That evening, we headed to the Taste of Marianas at American Memorial Park, where we ate great food and met up with other friends.
On Sunday morning, we went to church and you can now see the beautiful flametree that hovers over the Ministry Center.
On Sunday afternoon, we had a BBQ at Lau Lau Beach for a relaxing and tasty BBQ. Angie tried grilled lamb for the first time.
That evening, we noticed that Harley has started losing her baby teeth. Another came out yesterday and she has two more loose ones. She's nearly 4 months old now! How time flies!

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