Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Golf & Gourmet

On June 6th, my 72 yr old Mom earned her first "hole in one" at the Country Club of Soboba Springs on a long par-3, 176 yards. Congratulations, Mama!
We happily played golf twice with the folks and enjoyed their beautiful home course with the fast greens, GPS golf carts and challenging course.
Russ played well and we liked being out there on the course so maybe we'll continue in Saipan...
The San Jacinto Mountains flank this desert course.
During the days, we would watch the World Cup games, go shopping, work out at their gym or golf. In the evenings, we would sit down for one of Mama's great meals. On this particular night, she made a tasty spinach salad with anchovy & garlic dressing. Yum!
One of my favorite dishes is her eggplant marinara.
Russ' favorite dish is her famous French onion soup, which is definitely THE best French onion soup we've ever tasted. It is so delicious!
She also made salmon with a ginger, jalapeno sauce to complement the meal.
During our quiet time at home, we were able to watch the many sports events, including the Lakers games, the US Open and the World Cup.

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