Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Harley & Kina update

We've received updates regarding Harley from Mayumi san. She and her sister, Kina, have been enjoying their time together. They eat, sleep and play together and it's nice to see that she's not being a huge nuisance.
Harley & Kina spooning (Harley is the blond, Kina is the brunette)
The other day, Rooney, their brother, came over to play. I think Rooney is the one at the bottom of the picture. He's also a darker golden and they're all quite adorable.
Harley lost three more teeth last week so she's probably chewing a lot these days.
It's nice to know that the dogs are having a great time together. It will be hard to separate them again as they'll be so connected.

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