Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Quinn Family Fun - Part I

Mom and Dad took us out for lunch at Crystal Cove, near Corona Del Mar to a beachside restaurant where we enjoyed the view, the company and the food.
I ordered a chicken & spinach insalata caprese with pesto. Very good!
That evening, we went to Meg's for Italian night. Shannon wowed Russ with her presentation of the truffle pizza.
Shannon was a bit jealous of Russ' homemade bruschetta w/avocado.
Russ and Casey showing their muscles.
Cal presented his "puppet show" which we thought was going to be a hand/sock puppet but it ended up being a cardboard box with Cal poking his bunny out of a small hole. Doesn't it look like something entirely different?
Dad shows of the dessert plate to Cal.

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