Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Quinn Family Fun - Part II

On Saturday, the Zidek's came over and we all went to the pool. Uncle Russ loved playing with his niece and nephews. Here, Ryan and Maddie hang on.
He's got all of them now - Maddie, Ryan, Casey & Cal.
He even got another girl who saw all the fun and just jumped onto his back.
Casey, age 4, is a good swimmer!
Uncle Russ tried to show off with his back flip off the diving board. The lifeguard came over right away and told him and all the kids that backward dives were not allowed. So, Uncle Russ got scolded in front of the kids. Ooops!
Saturday night was Shannon's big housewarming party! Russ wanted to go in costume so we just wore mustaches. When we arrived at Shannon's, her guests laughed and Shannon introduced us by saying, "Oh, my family are the ones wearing the mustaches", like it was a common event.
Shannon's beautiful new condo. She has a flair for decorating. I love her wall adorned with various crosses.
Her guest bedroom has Grandma Quinn's old dresser and desk. It has that Audrey Hepburn feel.
Her bedroom is light and airy with a distinctive beach theme.
She even had a small cocktail table with champagne and strawberries in the corner. What a great way to show guests your bedroom!
Her view of the city and mountains is gorgeous. We were so happy to see Anneka there. She works in Irvine and lives up the coast.
Mike & Lisa... a gorgeous couple!
Elaine, Adam and Shannon - the three amigos when it comes to training for the Ironman Canada which is set for late August in Penticton.
Russ passed out after drinking all the wine....not!
Group photo with Jerry, Anneka, Russ & Shannon.
Thank you, Shannon for a lovely evening! We had such a great time and we congratulate you on your first new home!!

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