Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Saipan Dominates GEAR 10!

Members of "Don't Be A Kitty" and "Team Depends" completed the 10th Annual Guam Extreme Adventure Race this past Sunday. They arrived at Umatac early before sunrise to receive the course map at 3am and started their day's trek promptly at 4am. Initially, there were 13 Pro Division Teams and 5 Social Division Teams. The Pro Division Teams had 10 checkpoints to locate while the Social Division were tasked to finish 6. Mike of Team Depends joins Tyce and Yosh of Don't Be a Kitty to locate their checkpoints.
Mike, Russ, Yosh, Disk and Mieko. We're missing Tyce.... where is he?
Kayak portion with Mieko and Russ together.
Chris Fryling and Nikki Gabaldon form the Support Crew, an indispensable position in this adventure race. They had to meet the teams at the various check points to provide hydration, food, gear & equipment, fresh clothes and motivation!
It was at least 90 degrees that day and 8 of the Guam Pro Teams dropped out due not only to heat exhaustion but also to severe hydration and insect bites.
As one of the activiteis, the teams had to coasteer for roughly 3 hours on jagged coral and rock.
Mieko looking fresh and happy as usual.
At 9:37pm, Don't Be A Kitty arrived at checkpoint 9 to an audience cheering and whistling. They were then informed that no other team would be able to complete the race as they were already on a modified course as of checkpoint 8. So....the race organizers simply announced that they WON and didn't need to go another 4 hours to checkpoint 10!
Yea- Yosh & Russ!! They made it! Russ' toughest part was coasteering on uneven terrain while Yosh had a few minor bike crashes due to his vertigo.
Don't Be A Kitty wins it by a landslide! Thanks to Chris & Nikki for their awesome support!
Russ said that their goal was only to finish and that they constantly kept each other in check on how they felt at the moment and took time at the checkpoints to fuel up, re-hydrate and rest for a few minutes. They persevered because they worked together as a team and I'm so proud of them! An honorable mention goes to Team Depends as Dick and Mike were leading their division when they ran into other racers who were severely dehydrated and one man went into shock due to a bee sting. Had Dick not been there as medical assistance, the racer may not have made it. He had to be airlifted by helicopter to the hospital for further treatment. So, Team Depends would have won the race had it not been for their good Samaritan efforts!


Stephan Samoyloff said...

Strong work, we love you guys!

Sean said...

Rock on! Seems like they always have amazing stories from those GEAR races. This year's sounds especially tough.