Monday, June 7, 2010

Seeing the Samoy's

Penticton is the home of Ironman Canada and it's located about 40 minutes east by air from Vancouver. Nestled into a quaint valley, the area is famous for its distinct wineries, orchards and lakes. Simply gorgeous! The Samoyloff's newest addition is Evan, now 10 months old. He's adorable and loves to laugh!

We were here about two years ago when Jamie was almost 4. She's now almost 6 and is a very smart, witty girl. Her favorite phrase that Uncle Russ taught her is "Pork Chops & Applesauce"! On Friday morning, we embarked on a two day road trip starting in Penticton and driving through Kelowna and various other towns until we reached an area near Vernon where we took a car ferry across the lake.
"Mr. Ed" was on the ferry as well and seemed to enjoy the extra attention.
On our way to Nakusp, we stopped at a Reserve and hiked along the beach near MacDonald Lake. We spotted some moose tracks and never found the creek.
We realized that BC is bear country & deer country. We saw lots of deer but no bear.... maybe next time.
Good friends last a lifetime and although we hadn't seen each other in two years, we didn't skip a beat. It was easy for us to enjoy and have a great trip! After we arrived at our lakeside cabin, we drove to the Halcyon Hotsprings Lodge for dinner and a dip!
Deena ordered the Mixed Grill with pawns, beef and lamb on a skewer on top of mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables. Russ had the baked salmon which was also delicious! Stephan had the Linguini Putanesca with chili garlic bread.

After a nice soak in the hotsprings, we were asked to leave at closing time, 10pm, and then managed to convince the staff to sell us four bars of Ben & Jerry's ice cream bars. Yum!

The next morning, we awoke to a beautiful day and decided to go canoeing and kayaking. Russ & Stephan took out the single kayaks.
while Deena and I canoed on calm Arrow Lake.
Russ was ready to take a dip in the cold water.... not! We stayed at the Hot Springs Guest House just outside of Nakusp.

After the kayaking and canoeing, we were ready to hit the road and onto our next destination.

.... the Galena Trail where we viewed the long-demolished Alamo Sliding Mining Centre.

We also encountered a beautiful dog named Plumber, who was hiking the trail with his owner.
One very cool section of the trail was the cable car that allowed hikers & bikers to cross the river.

We drove into the town of Kaslow and ate dinner at their pub. Ironically, we ran into a waiter who had heard of Saipan and dated a daughter of a Saipan resident years before.

After dinner, we went to the Ainsworth Hot Springs where we could walk through cave tunnels and feel the hot spring water trickling down the cavern walls.

We stayed overnight at the Fletcher Creek Lodge, located between Kaslow and Ainsworth Hot Springs. We then stopped in the town of Nelson and shopped at the local co-op.

At the Oso Negro Coffee Shop, we had nice coffee outdoors and viewed the rhododendrons.
In the town of Castlegar where Stephan grew up, the pedestrian bridge was finally rebuilt after 40 years. There, we met Nikki, Dave & their two kids.
On our way back to Penticton, we stopped along the road so the guys could take photos of the Sasquatch.
What a fantastic road trip! Thank you, Stephan & Deena for a memorable time!


Sean said...

Welcome to our side of the world! One of our former teachers in Saipan and a good friend of ours is from Kelowna and is now living in Vancouver.

I don't know if you ever met her--her name is Mai Rhea Odiyar. I'll tell her to check out your blog though. She'll probally recognize a lot of the places you visited.

Russ and Kanae said...

We passed through Kelowna, a very cool town!