Friday, July 2, 2010

Harley is growing!

When we returned from our vacation and picked up Harley, we were amazed to see how big she had grown. She no longer has that cute flat puppy face. Instead, she's got the pointed head, much like Shelby. She's now 42.2 lbs, so she has at least 25 lbs. more to grow! We discovered this week that she has hip dysplasia. It's not too evident and it doesn't seem to inhibit her activity, but it's something we need to watch out for. As I've told Russ from the beginning, she is much like him (hip problems & all)!

We also noticed that she had calmed down a bit. She no longer jumps up or nips at people. She is much more well behaved so we thank Dan & Mayumi san for taking such good care of her. We're happy to be back with our Harley as we missed her more and more as the weeks passed.

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