Monday, July 26, 2010


On Thursday evening, Bruce invited us to his home for Doner night. It's the stuff you can find in Hong Kong, Tokyo & Cairns where the cooks carve the lamb on the spiraling spit and stuff the meat into a pita with special sauce, tomatoes, onions, etc. In addition to the lovely meal, we played Rockband!
And, the guys fixed Bruce's flat tire on his mountain bike as an incentive to go riding at least twice a year. By the way, Bruce did go riding on Saturday morning!
The leg of lamb smelled great and tasted even better!
It was nice to get together after many of us had traveled off island for summer.
I think they were all watching the Rockband scores on the TV.
Sunday afternoon was a rainy day at Micro Beach but many friends got together for the Brostrom's Farewell BBQ.
Angela made delicious tuna poke and Bill cooked great ribs, prawns and fish on the grill. Billy was tired after a big day!
Harley met a lot of new friends, including Bear Johnson who is 1 month older. We caught Harley playing with two other goldens and as she was running, she projectile vomited sand and salt water and continued running. Very funny!
We will definitely miss the Brostrom's. We love you guys and look forward to seeing you again in Hawaii or ??


Sean said...

Wow, I had no idea the Brostrom's were leaving Saipan. Thats the end of an era!

Todd said...

Next time you need to get that projectile vomit on video. It would be huge on YouTube. :))