Thursday, July 22, 2010

Six Months

We came home at 7:30am from our bike ride & workout to find that Harley had gotten through the baby gate to go upstairs and terrorize the house. She can be a little monster at times and she was. She inconveniently destroyed my toothbrush, two combs, Nine West shoes that Vicki bought me, receipts, papers, pen and my bible! All of these items were on a desk or counter top and not easily accessible on the floor.
Tonight marks her 6 month birthday and we thought that she had made so many improvements. Well... not that many! She is definitely "still a puppy" and we have lots of training left to do.
Happy 6 months, Harley!

1 comment:

Shannon Quinn said...

Not your toothbrush! She and Grandpa Quinn should get together!!