Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Visiting Tokyo

I was in Tokyo last week and found a restaurant with my name....although they spell it "Canae" and it's a Chinese restaurant. Unfortunately, I didn't go in and try their food. Maybe next time.
I did eat at a great Fish restaurant in one of the new Marunouchi buildings surrounding Tokyo Station. Their sashimi was excellent!
As well as their abalone! Yum!
Chikako san found a great tofu restaurant in Ebisu called Sora no Niwa, "Sky's Garden" and the Ladies' Set Menu included several dishes all made with tofu.
Midori san, Chikako san and Yooja san smiling and enjoying the company and the great food. Actually, it was the beer drinkers on that side of the table.
While Hiroko san and I sat opposite of them. We spent a leisurely time just catching up.
The next dinner is already set for September 25th at a restaurant called Le Dragon Bleu in Toranomon, where Megumi Watanabe works.
Until then...sayonara!

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