Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Congratulations, Maggie & Fred

Maggie and Fred Camacho just celebrated their 35th Wedding Anniversary. They are a lovely people who have raised four kids and live an active life. We've known Fred through the triathlon connection, but more importantly, we respect and love them as one of our dear Marriage Encounter friends.
We also admired their newly renovated home where Fred's "storage room" resembled more of a bike shop! Russ was checking out the new one with the electronic shifters.
We gathered with our M.E. Friends, the Kosack's and the Sonoda's for a group photo.
We are considered the veterans of M.E.
Father Ryan joined the party and we just chatted. It's always great to see Father Ryan around our M.E. Family. He has become such a strong proponent of M.E. and we blessed to have him in our community. If anyone knows Father Ryan, you will also know that he believes in the sanctity of marriage and he will encourage you to become a part of M.E.
The next M.E. Weekend is scheduled for October 8~10, 2010 at the Saipan Grand Hotel. When we approach couples to join, many reply, "Well, there's nothing wrong with my marriage." or "I don't want to rock the boat." These are common answers because those who haven't been encountered don't realize how wonderful the Weekend is and that it is simply not intended as marriage counseling.
Instead, it is a marriage enrichment program that helps couple prioritize their marriages and communicate on a more intimate and loving level. As we all know, life gets busy and sometimes the last thing we want to do is schedule another activity. But, if we plan on spending "forever" with our spouses, we need to invest time now. You never know when tomorrow will be too late. Relationships are living entities and we need to nurture them so that they can grow, strengthen and endure the decades of life.
I can list at least 100 reasons why couples need Marriage Encounter and perhaps that's another blog entry. I will simply state that M.E. is for everyone and the concepts are life applications. One of my good friends recently said, "Real men do M.E." It's true. Real men and women do M.E. because they're not afraid to become better friends with their spouses and they realize that marriage can be volatile. Why not learn some concepts that can improve communication?
For those who "dare" to participate in the upcoming Weekend, please call me at 285-1168. There is limited space and the fee is $50 per couple for 2 nights accommoation and all meals.

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