Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Meet Butthead

Butthead has been hanging around our house for a few years now. At first, he was timid and didn't come near us. Then, he started getting closer and allowing us to touch his head. Now, he's a full-on whiner and "talks" to us incessantly and likes us to pet him. Even though he's never had a bath in his life, we use our one finger to pet him on his head and he joyfully wags his tail. We're not sure how old Butthead is but he looks like he must be 7-8 yrs. His previous owner moved to another village and left him and his brother, Beavis. Beavis disappeared and we haven't seen him since we returned from our vacation.

The owner stopped by last week and was going to take him to some farm as she was moving to the mainland so Russ volunteered to adopt him. He's an outside dog who just sleeps in our carport or front porch for most of the day. He responds to "Butthead" and is actually quite nice. He barks at strangers and makes a good playmate for Harley.

Butthead isn't the smartest dog in the world, but he's loyal and needs a new home. Welcome to the Quinn Inn!

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