Wednesday, August 18, 2010

More of Seoul

At the JW Marriott, I learned that PIC Guam's former Rooms Div Manager, Misoon Kong, now works there as their newest Resident Manager. What a coincidence! It was fantastic seeing her again and catching up. Congratulation, Misoon, on your promotion! See you in Seoul again.
Seoul has wonderful food and I was treated to another enchanting 15 course meal by Sally and her boyfriend. One of the dishes was the clam soup.
The main dish was the Kimchi Mari, a cold kimchi noodle soup which I
hear is a traditional summertime meal.
Dessert was tofu ice cream with ginseng, honey and rice cake. The three other items on the plate was a water jelly cake, sweet walnut and rice cake with soybean flour.
I was so pleased to finally meet Sally and her boyfriend, Jo. He's the one who made me the tira misu cake when I first arrived. It was wonderful getting to know him and seeing them as a happy couple.
Thank you, Jo & Sally, for a lovely evening. Please come to Saipan for a visit.

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