Tuesday, August 31, 2010

PIC Palooza's Caribbean Luau

PIC's 3rd Annual PIC Palooza was on Saturday night and all proceeds went to the fight against cancer. Russ and I didn't prepare our costumes in advance but just found what we had in our closets. I didn't know that he had a rasta wig.... or the nose rings.
Jackie, me and Young dressed in our leis and sarongs.
Tyce and Angie came in their pirate outfits...arrrrrrrr!
Jackie was one of three contestants for the Fear Factor....1) bagel with vegemite 2) spicy tuna roll 3) rice with natto (fermented soy bean), crickets and worms 4) balut (duck fetus). Jackie was brave and made it through 2.5. Myla, far left, was the champion as she downed the balut in less than a second.
Melanie modeling the Coca Cola bag on her head. She made it into a hat!
Russ partying with the girls!
Thanks, PIC for another great party!

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The Saipan Blogger said...

Thank you PIC for being so generous