Saturday, August 14, 2010


I arrived Friday night at my hotel in Seoul and found this cake on my desk. Sally, our former Sales & Marketing Intern, now works at the Spa Recpetion at the JW Marriott so she left me a delicous welcome gift made by her pastry chef boyfriend.
The ladies of PIC Korea... Kate, me, JS and Helen.
After lunch, JS offered to get me an appointment at her salon, Toni & Guy, and Mr. Kang suggested a shorter, more manageable cut. I don't know how the humidity in Saipan will be, but I hope I can keep it looking tame.
Mr. Park has always taken me to wonderful Korean traditional restaurants. This one, Kayagan, is near the Grand Hyatt and they serve beautiful dishes. I enjoyed all 10+ courses!
The last course was the one with fish, burnt boiled rice, black bean rice and miso soup with all the accompaniments. It would be a tough job to be Korean dishwasher with all those dishes! It must take much longer than what we would be accustomed to.


Sheila said...

What a beautiful cake and wonderful way for a friend to remind you of her love and God's! And, totally cute haircut. Enjoy your trip

Shannon Quinn said...

LOVE the cut! I actually went shorter too!

Love that cake too!

Mark & Brittany Sawyer said...

I love you hair cut Kanae! Sooo cute!

Russ and Kanae said...

Thanks everyone!