Monday, August 9, 2010

Weekend in Guam

Guam is just 120 miles south of Saipan and with our "better" friends living there, we took a short weekend getaway to relax and enjoy. We first had happy hour at Santa Fe by the Bay's beachfront bar with Wendi, David, Lexi, Jon, Laurent and Lynn. Later, we went to the Horse & Cow too pick up some chicken wings and met up with a friend of a friend of Laurent's named Jay from Majuro. Russ went big and mistakenly called him "Hey Pat, thanks for buying the pitcher of beer." Jay didn't seem to mind, especially since we invited him over to Jon's for dinner.
When we went over to the Cramer's, Minami showed off her first missing tooth which she lost on August 3rd. She received $1 from the tooth fairy!
We were also surprised to see a much heavier Jude. She is always so cute and cuddly but ate too much while the Cramer's were on vacation.
Maybe Pua's belly fat transferred to Jude. Anyway, while Yoshie and I were resting in the living room, Russ was playing "Truth of Dare" with Misaki and Andrew.Cramer decides to crack another beer at 12:30am.
Thank you to Bart & Wendi for extending us a beautiful Royal Club Room #1334. The bay looked gorgeous. I took two yoga classes with Miro and Lisa and had a nice Jiivana Journey massage with Stacy at their Jiivana Spa.
In the afternoon, we went to Wendi & David's for a BBQ and met Lexi's pet hamster, Carter, swimming in the pool. I didn't know that hamsters were such good swimmers! Carter was held by Minami for much of the night so she was totally hung over the next day. No spinning in the wheel on Sunday. It's just rest time.
Jon & Russ just hanging out, drinking beer and enjoying the company.
Backgammon was one of the games for the evening. Every now and then, Russ would play "hide and seek" with Misaki, Lexi and Minami.
David made a huge spread of food...yummy!
The other game was Minami's favorite, "Pretty, pretty princess". Lexi won...
Wendi and Sandy (half Lab/half Golden)
Mr. Barton, Misaki take on the girls.
Carter is cute, huh? He's a great pet.
The group around midnight... way past our bedtimes.
We came home on Sunday and picked up Harley at Kina's. We were surprised to learn that Harley was a good girl while we were gone. She didn't chew up or destroy anything so we know that she needs to expend a lot of her energy playing, otherwise, she gets bored and starts chewing. Kina, Rooney and Harley were all together this weekend and all three pups are about the same size.
Thank you, Dan and Mayumi san for taking such good care of Harley.
Thank you, Lee-Sang's and Cramer's for taking such good care of us!

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