Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Feast of the Gods!

Our regular gourmet group gathered on Saturday evening at the Auther's to enjoy a wonderful evening. We were awed by the decor, costumes and of course, the food! The spanakopitas and dolmas we made last Sunday were served as appetizers along with Carol's rosemary flatbread with olive/feta tapenade. Delicious!
Stephanie's column, the banana tree, male busts with leaves perfected the table setting.
Carol is so creative! She hand-made each of the personalize menus.
Flanked by Steve and Joe, I didn't have a toga but a one-shoulder Gap dress!
Zorba the Greek? (aka Tim) with Carol (lovely hostess) and Russ drinking special Greek mojitos!
Lynn and Steve looking gorgeous as usual. Thank you for the ornate set up!
The Greek Gourmet menu with 7 courses.
Garlic, boneless leg of lamb, roasted on a spit!
Greek salad....
Moussaka, lamb, bulgar rice, potatoes...
Russ enjoying his dinner at the kids' table.
Tina's baklava with vanilla ice cream covered with honey and a pinch of salt...
Thank you everyone for the wonderful evening and a special thank you to Joe & Carol, for hosting Greek night!

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Blaine said...

You guys have definitely upgraded since I left!