Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Tina & Leapfrog!

Last night we went over to the Mister's to celebrate Tina's birthday with great food, games and lots of cakes! Our first game was pictionary where we split up into three groups. I think Angie or Tina's team won. My team, consisting of Glenn, Heather, Maria and I were in last place even with hints.
Tina made her own delicious carrot cake!
After cake, we played Guesstures! Lots of fun!
This morning, Anastasia and I raced in the Leapfrog bike/run event where we both started off together with me on the bike and Anastasia on foot. We ran to a designated place marked with a cone and then switched. She biked and I ran. We continued this for 7 miles and we were done in about an hour! Yea! Thanks Anastasia for joining with me!
This week, Russ is up in Niseko with Chris, Bruce and Yosh on a guys' mountain biking trip. I'm a bit jealous of all the great food, gorgeous scenery and the relaxing onsens!

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