Saturday, October 16, 2010

15 Steps!

Wow ~ we finished Steeper Steps last night at the Kosack's with our newest Steps family and it was fantastic! We thank all of the couples who participated and realize that over these last six months, we've become so close. The ME family brings couples together in a way that is so comfortable and fun. Our 15 evenings were filled with delicious meals, laughter, some tears and tremendous insight into ourselves and our couplehood.
We sincerely thank the Kosack's, the Lee's/Mariano's, the Santo's and the Brostom's (we miss you guys) for being a part of our family!


Sean said...

I miss the so much. Especially our Steps-families.

I still can't believe the Brostrams are gone. That's like the end of an era!

Russ and Kanae said...

We miss you and Barbara as well. ME in Saipan is going strong! We'll have our next group shortly.