Monday, October 18, 2010

An Eventful Sunday

Yesterday, we woke up at 4:45am to prepare for the 50km Pre-HOM race. It was still dark but by the time we arrived, there were lots of participants at the registration desk and on their bikes. The race started shortly after sun up at 6am and there were probably 100 or so bikers.

Russ had a great race and finished in 5th place overall as he kept up with the lead pack and came in about 1 hour 38 minutes. Although he hasn't ridden a road bike in since last December, those spin classes have certainly helped!
There were only four women who competed in the road bike division and I came in third, which was good for me in 2 hours 2 minutes. I was happy with my ride as I finished 40th out of 100.
After church, we went to our regular restaurant, Poon's and celebrated Frank's birthday! Hiroko san said that it was the first birthday party he's had since they've been married!
In the afternoon, we took a little break. I caught Harley chewing one of her peanut butter chewie sticks on the carpet. She loves chewing her bones and biscuits on the carpet, and not on the tile floor. Harley's is almost 9 months old and we figure that she's between 60-65 lbs. now. She's bigger than Shelby at this age.
For dinner, we went over to the Goodwin's home for a Vietnamese dinner with Marty & Sharon. We went to Marty & Sharon's party the night before. We rolled our own fresh shrimp or pork spring rolls with cucumber, mango, carrots, mint, cilantro, peanuts, hot peppers and a nice lime-vinegar dipping sauce. Yummy!
It was followed by a Vietnamese 9 ingredient sandwich which was very tasty! Thank you, Tim & Tina for hosting a wonderful dinner!

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