Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Japanese Festival, Club 200 & Baby Shower

For the first time, I assisted at the 25th Annual Autumn Japanese Festival at Sugar King Park, conveniently located adjacent to Gold's Gym. PIC had a paper lantern which is located in the middle tier, third from left (next to Himawari). Otsuka san, his wife, Mami san and I worked the water balloon booth. Kids had to use a hook with a paper line and catch the water balloon's rubber band with it. It was an amusing, but sometimes difficult game.
Billy, our godson, Maddie & Alexa, his sisters and aunty-baby Ashely stopped by.
It rained off and on but lots of people came to enjoy the dancing, music (shamisen), food and games. Most popular was the Hokkaido scallops flown directly from Japan.
Later that evening, we ventured to the Hyatt for the Club 200's pre-party at the Regency Club. The 60's theme was easy as we were able to re-use our PIC Palooza costumes.
The guys... yes, Russ wore his high heeled platform shoes which made him 6'4"!
The party was at the Fiesta Resort next door and they had an old 60's bug sitting at the entrance. We had a great time!
It was Angie's idea to have her friends shotgun beers.
Yosh and Russ enjoying the evening.
On Sunday morning, we didn't make it on the 50km bike ride at 6am. Instead, we made breakfast burritos at home and played with Harley. She's now 9 months old!
Look how tall she's grown!
On Sunday night, we surprised Shimiko with a baby shower. Congratulations, Todd & Shimiko!!

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