Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Weekend Fun!

Every Tuesday, Russ and Tim have soccer practice for boys & girls ages 9-11 for the MP United's Typhoon's. On Saturday, they played a game and won 5-0! Michael and Steven were pretty happy with their team!
Coach Russ & Coach Tim have a "no-lose" record so far! Strong work!
On Sunday after a two hour bike ride, church and lunch, we ventured to the Sablan farm to celebrate World Priests' Day with Angela, Bill & Family! Little Billy was tired from the day's activities and took a short nap in Linda's arms. Billy can now say, "Nina" which means Godmother! He's still working on "Nino" (godfather).
A party wouldn't be a party without great food, excellent company and of course, dancing! We danced our hearts away in the living room, along with Father Ryan! See Russ' tongue sticking out of corner of his mouth? He was concentrating intently as we played Wii's Dance Party!
Halloween Night at PIC is an annual extravaganza. This gentlemen won the best costume contest with the "caged man" outfit! How clever!
The Clubmates had a brand new dance number where the nurses had no faces. Very cool!!
What would Halloween be without a haunted house? The Clubmates, interns and staff designed and worked the Haunted House and it was excellent!
After our afternoon with the Sablan/Santos', we had about an hour at home to get our costumes together. I found the sequin dress a year ago at Ross and have had the hot pink afro for many years. Elly dressed as a pirate and Anastasia was a mod looking lady!
I loved Kevin's costume as he was a baby riding piggy-back on an old lady!
How cute and funny!
Russ dressed as the "nama beer man" (draft beer). Harley wore the bunny ears for just a second. She didn't like them too much. We had a fantastic Halloween!
It's already November and the festive season begins!!

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