Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas in Love

We celebrated Christmas with our loving ME community on Saturday evening after the race. Tom and Erica Thornburgh opened their home to our group and we were awestruck with the gorgeous decorations they prepared from the centerpieces to the buffet line and of course, the Christmas tree.
In Gualo Rai, the Thonrburgh's / Sonoda's have a hotel they built back in the 80's and we were able to climb up to the crows nest to check out the sunset views.
Some of the ladies: Vanessa, Jackie, me, Linda, Jessica and Erica.
We ME ladies know how to party!!!
Jun and Russ must have called each other to wear red shirts and shpants for the party!
JJ and Juanette won the Snickers eating competition! They strategically unwrapped and ate the Snickers bar in about 30 seconds without the use of their hands. We couldn't believe how quickly they did it! Strong work!
In addition to the Snickers game, we sang Christmas carols, exchanged white elephant gifts and the big game was jan-ken-po where the Pierson's won a $400+ Cartier wallet donated by DFS!

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