Sunday, December 5, 2010

Farewell Party for the Daly's

I've been slow to update the blog as this was last Saturday. Kieran surprised Melanie and Kaitie for their farewell party at Seaside Grill. Mel and the kids are moving back to the Gold Coast in mid December so the execs and managers were invited to a farewell luncheon.
Kaitie was just 3 yrs old when she arrived in Saipan. She's now 11 and Bryce is 12. They've literally grown up before us!
Later last Saturday, we went to Micro Beach for volleyball. I caught this spectacular sunset using a different setting on my point & shoot camera. Cool, huh?
Managaha is still a great little island, especially at sunset after all the tourists have gone.
Harley enjoyed a beach day, playing in the sand and swimming in the water.

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