Saturday, December 18, 2010

Harley & Kitty

The other morning when I was walking Harley at Lau Lau, Harley heard a meow from the woods so we checked and found a little kitten who was crying. I picked up the kitty and brought him back home. Harley was really enamored by it. When the kitty cried, she wanted to console it.
The kitty was looking for milk so Harley let it climb around her body and purred softly. Harley is a good foster Momma. The kitty was soaked by all the licks that Harley gave it. When I momentarily put the kitty in a box, Harley gingerly picked it up from its scruff as it was crying. Too cute! Kitty is now at the Paradise Island Animal Hospital looking to be adopted by a good, caring family.
We opened presents on Wed night and Russ was happy with his new Garmin 500!
Harley got a new squeaky duck but killed it by morning. It was in pieces when I awoke.
Merry Christmas!

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