Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Let it Snow!

On Sunday, there was snow falling all day which kept the slopes powdery. I went up the Kogen pair to get to the Boyosu restaurant (also known to SWAT as A Frame).
We always enjoy this place the most for its authentic Japanese food and the cozy atmosphere.
My favorite dish on the menu is the crab on rice, served with miso soup and radish pickles. It is so delicious and I savor it annually. This is my favorite lunch spot by far!
The Powder Hound Lodge was decorated with the white Christmas tree & Saipanda hat. Santa Claus is sitting underneath with the CNMI flag.

In front of the Niseko Park Hotel, someone made two animated snowmen!
Monday was the last day that we had time alone. We were ready to welcome Mister family and Mitchell that afternoon! Let the fun times of SWAT begin!

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Stephan Samoyloff said...

Hey missing you all. Merry Xmas to SWAT from the SAM4.