Tuesday, December 14, 2010

MEI Christmas Party @ PIC!

We've attended many parties this season and Christmas is still 11 days off. Last Friday, we dressed up in ancient Roman/Greek attire for Marianas Eye Institute's themed celebration at PIC! The men of MEI... David, William, Mark, Anselmo, Russ and Alex look quite menacing...
Russ and I enjoyed our evening which consisted of many, many games, great prizes and lots of laughter! MEI knows how to plan a party!
One of the games consisted of dividing into three teams to decorate the doctor. We were on the winning team that decorated DK, pictured left. PIC's staff judged the event. Other games included trivia, best costume, hula hoop, memory-picture, etc.

The worst and final game was "Fear Factor". Those who wanted to play for a Wii ate frog legs, pigs feet, crickets, worms (pictured below), century eggs and last but not least, balut! Here, Mitos doesn't look thrilled with her worms.
The crazy crew of MEI had a wonderful celebration! Merry Christmas and a Happy 2011!

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