Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pau Pau Beach Triathlon!

On Saturday afternoon, Mieko organized a free triathlon for anyone who wanted to participate and do all three legs or just partial. There were about 25 people (adults & kids) who joined the event.
Although it rained near Garapan, we were able to evade it at Pau Pau and lucked out with no showers! Lewie & Kevin manned the BBQ while others cheered and/or raced!
Meanwhile, Harley got a chance to play in the water. She loves snorkeling even without a mask and has no problems dunking her head under the water.
She also loves to play in the sand, scratching her back against the small pebbles and getting it all in her fur, eyes, ears...

She's a happy beachgoer!

Jackie, Jake and Eric all participated in the event. Strong work!
Little Bella played with Harley... thanks Bella!
Thank you to Mieko and Kevin for organizing the final triathlon event of 2011!

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