Thursday, December 9, 2010

PIC's Employee Christmas Party

Last night, PIC celebrated its annual Employee Christmas Party in The Magellan with over 600 people! PIC has 350 or so employees and each employee was permitted to bring one guest. The Magellan was hopping and staff were excited to win raffle prizes and recognize the 5 Year, 10 Year, 15 Year and 20 Year Employees! "Candyland" was the theme for the evening so Vicky and I are among the many who dressed up in festive, bright colors!

Yesterday was also Melanie's birthday and her first time to attend the Employee Party. The nihonjin women (aka Japanese mafia) of PIC:
Kimiko, myself, Mieko, Masako, Mayuki and Ayumi.
The Willy Wonka Managers' Skit Dance Crew:
Sergei, Masako, Dennis, Elly, me, Kevin, Glenn and Vicky!
We dressed up as funny candy pieces and the employees loved it as we were just silly.
We ran into our Steps kids, Vanessa and Gary at the party!
The housekeeping department won $300 for first place! I heard that they did a great job with elaborate costumes and pro choreography!

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