Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday, Harley!

Harley had a momentous first birthday on Saturday. In the morning, she went to her dog obedience class with 3 other pups and did quite well. She's getting used to her commands and obeying my verbal cues. In the afternoon, I took some birthday shots of her in a party hat, which she didn't like too much.
She immediately took off the hat using her front paws.
That night, we had a scare. I gave her a 6" beef bone as a birthday gift before we left for dinner. when we returned, she had managed to lodge the bone in the roof of her mouth between her teeth. She clawed at her nose, made awful gurgling noises and feigned vomiting.
Russ and I tried repeatedly to take the bone out but she was too strong and ended up biting Russ so we quit and left her to have a unrestful night's sleep until the morning. We must have looked funny wrestling our dog on our driveway at midnight.

We called Dr. Tudor on Sunday morning and went in for an "emergency" visit. He took his forceps and the bone was extracted quickly. Yea! We noticed that she now weighs 59.2 lbs. so she's gained 48 lbs. since we got her in March 2010.

In the photo below, she was looking quite unhappy.
In the afternoon, we decided to clean the NanMadol trail and took Harley for a long walk. We passed Bird Island and gazed at the gorgeous view which always impresses me.
We walked through the majority of the trail and cleaned it up in time for next Sunday's group ride. It's a nice shaded trail so it's perfect for hikers and bikers.
By evening, Harley was exhausted from the bone incident and the hike so she laid on the kitchen floor feeling pretty comfortable.
Happy Birthday, Harley! Can't believe you're 1!


Shannon Quinn said...

Happy Birthday Harley! Glad to see you're still in school! Hee-hee!

Anonymous said...

Good that your doggy is safe! Where's the Nan Madol Trail? Pohnpei? Hehehe!