Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

Just before midnight, the adults ventured out of the Powder Hound Lodge to have drinks at the ice bar which was just 100 meters down the road. Unfortunately to our dismay, it was closed! Who closes a bar for New Year's? Very strange! So, we went up the street a bit further to Wild Bills' which was hopping with lots of people half our age. Chili, as seen below, shocked us all when he climbed on top of the bar counter and grabbed the fragile-looking hanging light and swung around like he was Tarzan! His wife, Rose, didn't look too surprised and was honestly relieved that she didn't have to pay for any damages to the lighting fixture.
Paula shows us her reaction.
By the way, thanks Paula for the sake!
After midnight, the fireworks started so we stepped outside to catch a better glimpse. Due to the slippery, icy surface, Chili slipped a few times and Paula & Stewey decided to drag him by his shoes down the road. Chili didn't seem to mind the ice grazing his back.
We returned about 12:15am, just in time for Paula's "holy water" aka Veuve Cliquot champagne. It was tasty!
From about 12:30am, the kids were ready for the big snowball fight and started throwing their ammunition at each other and random, unsuspecting pedestrians passing down our road.
The adults claimed victory but it's hard to say if they truly won the snowball war. They were definitely bigger but there were many more kids compared to adults.
Stewey was the only visible casualty who returned with a small bloody scratch on his cheek. Luckily, he'll survive and be prepared for the next battle.
GQ and Jacques Sock claim themselves as the winners!
Later that afternoon, GQ and I boarded a bus (thanks to Stewey giving us a lift to the bus stop) to Sapporo. The 2.5 hour trip isn't so bad with nice views of small towns.
That evening, a lot of restaurants closed early due to New Year's but we found a quaint izakaya and filled our stomachs with a variety of yummy dishes once again.
Happy New Year to all of our family and friends! May 2011 be full of blessings and joy!

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