Saturday, January 22, 2011

New Year's Party for S&M Team

Last night, we celebrated the New Year's with the PIC Sales & Marketing team at our favorite restaurant, Casa Urashima. There were 13 of us and we enjoyed playing two games: "one truth and two lies" where each of us went and shared two lies and a truth about ourselves and we had to guess which was one true. Later, we talked about our one dream that we want to do. I said that I'd like to travel the world for an indefinite amount of time.
Casa Urashima still remains our favorite local spot where the food is excellent! We had: avocado & tuna w/wasabi cream, spinach & shrimp salad w/ thai dressing, peetan tofu, grilled chicken, grilled tenderloin, basil & tomato pizza, mushroom & bacon pizza, eringi & garlic pasta and spaghetti carbonara. We also had a chocolate fruit cake I ordered at Himawari, which was great as well. Japanese bakers don't use frosting; instead they mix whip cream with a flavor (chocolate) and spread it over the sponge part so that it's light and smooth.

After an enjoyable evening, we took our group photo. Thank you so much Elly, Young, Heejung, Anastasia, Otsua san and Ioulia! You make work fun!
We'll do this again in January 2012.

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