Wednesday, January 5, 2011


On January 2nd, we departed for the New Chitose Airport from Sapporo Station in the morning to get our Starbucks coffees. We passed this "organic" cafe displaying milkshakes, hot dogs and coffees which seemed a bit strange.
The most amusing part was finding a throng of shoppers before 9am waiting for the department stores to open. The security guards were busy directing traffic at the station and Russ caught a glimpse of employees from one boutique huddled together, preparing for the day's hectic events.
The night before, I purchased a new furry white hat and was able to wear it at least once before heading back to Saipan. The maccha green tea lattes are good at Starbucks Japan.

Right before we left Niseko, Benji Stewart gave us gifts: Jagakun and Jagako, the Kutchan city mascots which are potatoes on skis and snowboards. Very cute! Thank you, Benji!

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