Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday, Billy!

We celebrated our Godson Billy's 2nd birthday on Saturday at their family farm. It was great to see him play with his friends, dance and play with his cars.
Billy's birthday cake was a race track with toy cars on it. PIC's bakery made it and it turned out to be quite impressive!
Bill and Angela only invited family and there were about 20 people but they made food for at least 50, including a roasted pig which Bill had to slaughter the day before.
Young Billy loves to dance! He plays the Wii "Just Dance 2" and imitates all the moves.
After we sang "Happy Birthday", all he wanted were the cars on top of his cake. He said, "Mine" and then went off to play with them. I don't think he even had a bite.

Billy likes his "vroom vrooms" and showed us how he plays with them.
Thank you Yamashita-Santos-Sablan family for a great party! We love you, Billy!
Love, Nino Russ & Nina Kanae

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