Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Day!

Thank you very much to all my family and friends who called and sent email and facebook greetings for my birthday. Today is a super day because I am super blessed! Life is beautiful and I couldn't ask for anything more. We went on a bike ride yesterday evening from Marianas Trekking up FEBC, down Kimikaze, on the Nan Madol trail, through Autobahn, Cowtown, Banzai and back. I fell twice on the NanMadol trail but I'm getting better on jumping over some of the logs. Afterwards, we watched the sunset at Tanapag beach.

This morning,when I woke up and Russ sang me "Happy Birthday". He also gave me a fantastic cherry blossom design bike jersey and pink bike socks which I'll wear on our next bike ride. I have an amazing husband and we joked that he's known me for half my life as we met when I was 21! I'm no longer a spring chicken but I'm OK with that. We said that we're "better" like fine wine.
Another great thing this morning was when I called Harley to "come", she came to me! That's a big improvement and we're both happy that her weekly dog obedience classes are effective. She's improving and listening to us, finally! Now, if we can her to stop chewing the carpet.

When I arrived at work, I found a beautiful flower arrangement on my desk and my team came and sang "Happy Birthday" again and gave me and Russ a beautiful handmade card and a gift certificate at Hyatt's ISagua Spa for a hot stone massage and 1 hour stay at the ISagua suite! Angela also stopped by with a heartwarming card and set of candles.
During lunch, I watched as the Packers won the Superbowl! Yea! It was an exciting game and there were lots of people watching the multi- screens at PIC.
After lunch, I received another gorgeous flower arrangement from Yulia and found a baum kuchen cake from Yooja who's visiting from Tokyo. Too bad, I missed her visit here.

I look forward to a fun night with our bible study group. We're starting Andy Stanley's "Twisting the Truth" series.

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Sean said...

Happy belated Birthday Kanae!