Sunday, February 13, 2011

Vicki's Visit to Saipan

Vicki came to visit us for the weekend so we organized a BBQ at Obyan Beach. For a short moment, she thought that Russ had a new hairstyle.
Harley was happy to go to the beach but she didn't like being tied up while we ate dinner.
It was one of those great days with cloudless skies, calm ocean and mild weather.
It's so great to see Vicki again! It seems like old times.
Obyan Beach is a nice beach!
Sunset was amazing as it descended just past the island of Tinian from our view.
After sundown, we had a little bonfire which Steven helped build.
This morning, Russ got up early to do the mountain bike race. He came in 4th. Strong work!
We went on a hike from Bird Island to Kalabera Cave and showed Vicki the new Nan Madol trail. Since we were running late for brunch, we ended up running the last mile to the car.
At Sunday brunch, we saw "Yah, Baby", Kento Togawa, one of Russ' snowboard students at the Hyatt.
I also ran into my parents' very good friend, Kato san. She's visiting from Japan.
Russ received his mud pie and song from the Hyatt staff at brunch.
He then asked Nikki to sing for him and she sang "The Rose" beautifully!
Following brunch, we stopped at the tennis courts at American Memorial Park, to sprinkle Courtney kitty's ashes. Vicki brought the ashes from Hawaii as Courtney was found more than a decade ago near the courts by good friend Rena.
Vicki was kind enough to take a family photo of us and the dogs.
We also stopped by the Mister's for a nice chat and reminisced about all the fun times we've shared in the last decade!
They have a sensational view of Lau Lau Bay!
Thank you, Vicki for making the trip to Saipan! We had such a great time with you!
Don't forget the HK7's!

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Wow, beautiful people beautiful beaches. Wonder where that is?